Sunday, June 18, 2006

Conservation Club

Our new conservation club had its first task this weekend Sat 17th of June. Altogether we had 14 children and adults - who did some great work clearing weeds and litter from the shrub beds and the front of the school, and replanting new plants that will be attractive to wildlife.

It was very hot and sunny, and thirsty work - but by the end of the morning we could see we had really made a difference.

I think that eventually we will settle down to running the conservation club once a month - but as week have so many plants to put out we will run another session next week (ten till one Sat the 24th).

Thanks to everyone that came along!

Meanwhile the children and staff at the school have been busy - and amnst other things they have planted out our lovely new orchard with apples, cherries and plums. Lets hope the children can resist picking the fruit until they are ripe - otherwise I think there will be a few sore tummies!


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