Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Castledown School Grounds Project

Castledown School in Hastings is going to have a makeover -

We're not going to wait for TV Celebrity to com and help us - we're going to do it ouselves!

We have already raised £5000 for the project which will help us to get off to a great start. Over the next year we hope to improve the appearance of the school; and to make it a better place to learn, play and be.

The whole school will be involved in making new plans for our outdoor areas - and local parents and volunteers will be helping us put them into action - please feel free to join in - we hope the improvements to our school will help to improve the whole are we live in.

If you are not sure why need to improve our school grounds - take a look at some of these pictures:

The School Pond


At 11:55 AM, Blogger Sanmarco5 said...

I think the grass area in the playground is wasted & could be put to much better use. At my childrens previous school in London, the gras area had various climbing frames etc. but was 'out of bounds' to children (including before & after school) unless it was their classes turn to use it. they had a rota and each lunch time one class was able to use the facilities, thus meaning the gras didnt get worn, there was plenty of room to play on the equipment etc.


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